Friday, June 24, 2011

Xyston Thracian Infantry

Thracians were regarded by other people as warlike, ferocious, and bloodthirsty. They were seen as "barbarians" by the ancient Greeks and Romans. According to ancient Roman sources, the Dii were responsible for the worst atrocities of the Peloponnesian War killing every living thing, including children and the dogs in Tanagra and Mycalessos. The Thracians would impale Roman heads on their spears and rhomphaias i.e. during the Kallinikos skirmish at 171 BC.  Herodotus writes that "they sell their children and let their maidens commerce with whatever men they please"

Initially, Thracians and Macedonians revolted against Roman rule. For example, the revolt of Andriscus in 149 BC, drew the bulk of its support from Thracia. Several incursions by local tribes into Macedonia continued for many years, though a few tribes willingly allied with Rome, such as the Deneletae and the Bessi. After the Third Macedonian War, Thracia acknowledged Roman authority.


  1. impressive!

    I have a buch of 28mm thracians to day!

    Any chance you could add a follower bar?


  2. Thanks Matt, here go mate added on the follower bar.

  3. About to turn my 10mm Thracian auxiliaries in Hellenistic armies into a Thracian army in their own right.


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