Sunday, July 9, 2023

II/3a Classical Indian 500 BC – 178 AD

15mm Essex Miniatures

DBA 3.0  Army Composition - 15 elements

1xEl (Gen), 2xEl, 2x(LCh or HCh), 2x3Cv, 1x4Ax, 3x4Lb, 1x7Hd or 1x2Ps

This DBA Army repersents warrior king Porus who unsuccessfully fought against Alexander the Great in the Battle of the Hydaspes (326 BC) modern day Pakistan. In the aftermath, an impressed Alexander not only reinstated Porus as his satrap but also granted him dominion over lands to the south-east extending as far as the Hyphasis. Porus died sometime between 321 and 315 BC

Umm..hmm.,,some of the photos turned out a little blurry/fuzzy,,,,,sorry about that guys! 


  1. Beautiful work, Phil! Would be fun to see this army out on the table.

  2. Very much a Wargamers favourite. Lovely collection of figures.

  3. A spectacular and gorgeous army, I love the chariots and elephants!

  4. Very varied army, having recently completed my own large version. They will see action at Historicon later this month,
    Great work on all the figures!

  5. Really lovely work Phil. The patterns on the elephants' blankets are particularly eye-catching,

  6. Splendid looking ancient Indian army!
    Best Iain

  7. Thanks Guys much appreciated, apologies for my belated post reply
    Thanks again! Cheers!


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