Sunday, June 9, 2019

28mm Successors WIP 3

Manage to finish off the 28mm Foundry Macedonian figures painted as Successors. The miniatures are mounted on 40mm x 40mm bases. Three 40x40 bases (12cm frontage) representing one basic impetvs unit...

Commands and Colors Ancients option: displaying below, 4 strength point Heavy infantry (pike) units. I have enough units here to play CCA successors scenarios....

The units/bases above allows me to play with Hail Caesar and to The Strongest rules sets.  I like the 40mm x 40mm bases which I will use for all infantry,skirmishers etc. Cavalry bases may be an issue my commanders will be mounted on circular bases....

Thanks guys for your base size suggestions!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

28mm Successors WIP 2

Basing anyone?

Playing around with ideas on how to base miniatures for Impetvs, Hail Caesar, To the Strongest and Commands & Colors...

16 Figures representing one Impetvs unit on 4 Stands x 60mm x 20mm (Frontage 12cm x 4cm or 6cm )

24 Figures representing one Impetvs unit. figures on 60mm x 20mm (6 Stands)  with three ranks this looks more of a pike block?

12 Figures representing one Basic Impetvs unit... figures on 60mm x 40mm (2 Stands)

Two Basic Impetvs units. figures on 40mm x 40mm (3 Stands each) This may be the better option to base my Successors minis it will also allow me to use the bases for Commands & Colors Ancients.

Commands & Colors Ancients 4 figure bases 40mm x 40mm..umm..hmm..notice some minor "gap" issues between the figures.... extra flocking/terrain features may help?

Playing around displaying units with basing options...

A long way to go to finish off this project! I also have Old Glory Miniatures - foot Archers, Slingers and Javelinmen to work on... Two figure 40mm x 40mm bases?

I need to find i.e. (Ptolemaic/Seleucid's) 28mm Successor Companions Cavalry, Heavy line Cavalry and Light Cavalry... question is which manufactures? :o) metal or plastic?..

...anyway back to cleaning/prep more pikemen and then on to painting!

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