Monday, April 28, 2014

IV/42 Islamic Persian

DBA 2.2ver Islamic Persians: 15mm Essex Miniatures

This Army consists of 12 elements with no options available.

1 x (Gen) 3Cv, 7 x 3Cv, 1 x 2Lh, 2 x 3Bw, 1 x 7Hd

Historical Enemies: IIkhanid, Mongol, Ottoman, Jalayirid, Timurid, Turkoman and Persian's fought among themselves.

Historical Notes: ............will be added soon

Another fun Essex Army Pack to paint and perhaps one of my best work, but, once again I personally think Essex got it wrong with their figure choices I'm referring to the foot elements. The 3Bw - foot archers should have been code EMED63 Persian Dismounted Horse Archers and the Horde element perhaps? should have been code RNO8 Medium / Heavy Infantrymen to represent the Household Militia Guards.

Army Arrayed

General 3Cv

Cavalry 3Cv and 2Lh

Cavalry 3Cv with 2Lh

Foot Archers 3Bw

Militia 7Hd

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