Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Imperial Alexandrians (2)

Two units per Imperial Macedonian Pike Blocks without 3rd rank unit supports. I based my units differently from the Impetvs rules set mounting system guide for 15mm.

The bases are actually for 2/5mm to 10/12mm miniatures. Frontage 60mm x 30mm for Infantry/FP/FL, 60mm x 20mm for skirmish infantry S and 60mm x 40mm for cavalry/CP/CM/CL/elephants,chariots and artillery. These are actually half frontages from the 25mm/28mm mounting/basing system. The 15's do fit nicely on half 25's frontages. This way of basing, for me anyway, allows more units placed on the table top battle field playing areas. I think 8cm frontage per 15mm unit  is to big if one is to field 400-600 points army. But... ;) one can still use 8cm frontage for his/her 8-10 unit Army to play with Basic Impetvs rules. mind you I don't have a problem with my opponent, :) I play solo. I live at an area where there are no war gamers within the sight of my Light Horse recon duties :o) 


  1. Really nice looking pike blocks, Phil! Its a challenge to keep at it will all of the similar poses and the multitude of figures and boy, you've succeeded!

    Its a shame you don't have someone near by to play because Impetus is a splendid game!

  2. They look great like that. Man, all those pikes were making me dizzy. Best, Dean

  3. Yep, that's a lot of pike in one shot. They look great. I think you'll find on a 4x6 table there's still plenty of room for units, but I suspect as long as you keep basing consistent, it'll work out fine.

  4. Hi guys, thanks for your comments.

    @ Monty: I don't mind playing solo games, sometimes its a challenge. This may sound strange but I use the GMT Command and Colors Ancients board game playing cards to issue orders to my units but use Impetvs rules for combat/shooting/etc.

    @ Dean: The pikes are about 70mm long and not sharp, the pike men must love me so much they always seem to be attached to my shirt/woolen jumper selves after handling them :)

    @ fire Monkey: yes I will be consistent with the basing, umm... I was thinking about how I'm doing it wrong maybe the bases should have been frontage 40mm x depth 50mm this way you double units?

    thanks again guys love your blogs and work, cheers

  5. this is an impressive sight. I love them, from the painting to the basing, everything looks great. Well done


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