Monday, February 27, 2012

Impetvs Babylonian Colonists

Hi Guys, these are my 15mm Xyston Babylonian Colonists Cavalry based for Dadi/Piombo Impetvs Ancient War Gaming set of rules designed and developed by Lorenzo Sartori.

I fasten the figures on 60mm x 40mm, instead of 80mm x 30mm/40mm, Litko plywood bases giving me 6 units.

You will notice one missing rider, sometimes you will find missing parts in the Xyston packs or even the odd miniature i.e. A pack of Hypaspists had one Cretan bow man with seven Hypaspists and no shields, so funny, oh well not to worry, I did have fun painting these guys up though.


  1. Phil:

    I've been missing your blog posts; these and your Macedonians are superb. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean for your kind comments, drop in any time to view my blog posts and miniatures.... all the best to yah, cheers!

  3. Really beautiful work Phil. Your level of detail on 15mm is what I aspire to. Great job.

  4. ooooh. I had missed those. Excellent Persians

  5. Awesome work here. A pleasure to see!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the link here Phil, they look great.

    Funnily enough I ordered some of these last week, so ill probably copy your colour scheme, as I haven't really got a clue, and normally just make it up as I go along.....



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