Monday, February 27, 2012

Impetvs Babylonian Colonists

Hi Guys, these are my 15mm Xyston Babylonian Colonists Cavalry based for Dadi/Piombo Impetvs Ancient War Gaming set of rules designed and developed by Lorenzo Sartori.

I fasten the figures on 60mm x 40mm, instead of 80mm x 30mm/40mm, Litko plywood bases giving me 6 units.

You will notice one missing rider, sometimes you will find missing parts in the Xyston packs or even the odd miniature i.e. A pack of Hypaspists had one Cretan bow man with seven Hypaspists and no shields, so funny, oh well not to worry, I did have fun painting these guys up though.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Impetvs Successor Peltasts

Two units of Early Seleucid Peltasts. 15mm Xyston Hellenistic Thracian's.

These two units are based for Impetus Ancient War game rules set. The frontage of the bases are actually 6cm x 4cm, used for 5mm - 10mm miniatures. As you can see, no problem placing 15mm figures on these base sizes. The Standard Impetvs base sizes for 15mm figures are 8cm x 3 or 4 cm for infantry and 8cm x 6cm for cavalry are to big to handle/store etc.....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Imperial Alexandrians (2)

Two units per Imperial Macedonian Pike Blocks without 3rd rank unit supports. I based my units differently from the Impetvs rules set mounting system guide for 15mm.

The bases are actually for 2/5mm to 10/12mm miniatures. Frontage 60mm x 30mm for Infantry/FP/FL, 60mm x 20mm for skirmish infantry S and 60mm x 40mm for cavalry/CP/CM/CL/elephants,chariots and artillery. These are actually half frontages from the 25mm/28mm mounting/basing system. The 15's do fit nicely on half 25's frontages. This way of basing, for me anyway, allows more units placed on the table top battle field playing areas. I think 8cm frontage per 15mm unit  is to big if one is to field 400-600 points army. But... ;) one can still use 8cm frontage for his/her 8-10 unit Army to play with Basic Impetvs rules. mind you I don't have a problem with my opponent, :) I play solo. I live at an area where there are no war gamers within the sight of my Light Horse recon duties :o) 

Impetvs Successor Infantry

These are 6 units of Xyston 15mm Pantodapoi Phalangites Miniatures painted as mid to late Seleucid's, but really these units or miniatures may used as other Successor Heavy Infantry (Pike men) I'm currently working on 8 more units.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Imperial Alexandrians

18mm Xyston Miniatures

Three units of Pikes per block for Impetus war game rules. The miniatures are mounted on 60mm x 30mm bases instead of Impetves 80mm x 30mm....anyway...I really doubt the Alexandrian Imperial Pike men were so colorful with their blues, purples, yellows, or any other pastel colors..... but anyway, they do look good   :o)

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