Wednesday, July 29, 2015

IV/60 Catalan Company

1300 AD - 1542 AD

DBA 2.2

15mm Essex Miniatures
Army Composition: 1 x (Gen) 3Kn, 1 x 2Lh, 6 x 4Ax, 2 x 2Ps, 2 x 4Ax or 2Lh

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I/21b Kassite and Later Babylonian

1595 BC - 747 BC

DBA 2.2

15mm Essex Miniatures

Army Composition: 1 x (Gen) HCh, 1 x HCh, 2 x LCh, 1 x 3Cv, 5 x 3Ax, 2 x 2Ps

Back to reality :o) painting 15's again.....anyway...  

This Later Babylonian Army is a tough one to command and control, the main strength of this Army are the Chariots (HCh - fight as Knights and LCh as Cavalry) the other (elements) troops, the Auxiliary, their main purpose/function is to really try and hold :o) the center if possible while the chariots attack opponents flanks or take a risk by placing the chariots in the center and charge!....

Sunday, July 12, 2015

15mm Museum Miniatures Landsknechts

Hi Guys, another project discovery! started collecting these great looking 15's or should it be 18mm figures about 7-8 years ago... and now and then I would work on them, like a couple of months ago!..anyway....Chris at Chrisfigurines blog was wondering what the figures looked like, So I hope the photos give a general idea what the figures look like painted, mind you Chris would paint "sublime" work over the Landsknechts! :oP

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