Thursday, March 27, 2014

III/79 Cuman (Kipchak)

This 15mm DBA 2.2 Army consists of 15 elements: Miniatures by Essex

1 x (General) 3Cv,  9 x 2Lh, 1 x 2Lh or 3Cv, 1 x 2Lh or 7Hd or 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Byzantines, Early Russians, Seljuq Turks, Early Hungarians, Volga Bulgar's, Pecheneg and the feared Mongol's.

Brief Historical NotesThe Cumans and Kipchak were a Turkic nomadic people and during the early part of the 11th century the two Turkic nomadic people's formed Cumania a confederation state occupying most of the western region of the Eurasian steppes.

The Cumans raided, fought and allied anyone on their borders most common enemies were the Byzantines and Russian Principalities. The Cumans manage to chalk up a few victories against the Rus i.e. 1093 AD Battle of the Stugna River and in 1202 AD the Cumans sacked Kiev.

The Cumans-Kipchak allied with the Byzantines to defeat and wipe out the Turkic Pecheneg nation, at the battle of Levounion, which was really an ambush, near the Marista river. 40,000 Cumans took part during the battle or slaughter early Monday morning April, 28th 1091. Some sources indicate or suggest 20,000 Byzantine troops, 5,000 Vlachs and 800 Flemish Mercenaries slaughtered the women and children and the Cumans - Kipchak butchered the male population. The remnants of the Turkic Pechenegs, if any, fled to Hungary.

The Cumans allied with their former enemy, the Russians, to fight against the invading Mongols after suffering several defeats i.e. The Battle of Kalka River 1223 AD the Cumans were finally crushed in 1238 AD near the Prut River. The surviving Cuman - Kipchak population fled to present day Hungary and Bulgaria.

Army Arrayed

General with Escort

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

IV/31 Nicaea Byzantine

This 15mm DBA 2.2 Army consists of 12 elements: All Miniatures by Essex

1 x 3Cv General, 1 x 3Cv, 2 x 3Kn, 4 x 2Lh, 1 x 4Sp, 1 x 4Bw, 2 x 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Seljuq Turk, Romanian Frank, Epirot Byzantines - Latin Empire.

Brief Historical NotesNikaian Empire was founded 1204 - 1261 by the Laskaris or Lascaris family, who were Greek Byzantine nobles...for more information visit the Laskaris web site.

Historically the Nikaian Byzantines were a crack fighting cavalry force and often defeated their opponents i.e. the Seljuq Turks at Antioch in 1211, the Latin Empire at Poimanenon in 1224 and the Achaean Franks at Pelagonia in 1259.

My Nikaian or Nicaea are another typical 13th Century Byzantine Army with lots of cavalry and a handful of foot elements. 
The player really needs to focus and protect his/her flanks with Light Horse (Lh) units while trying to hold his/her center with a hand full of infantry units supported with (Cv) Cavalry and (Kn) Knights. This is a good and playable army which will test the player tactical skills against his/her opponents during table top conflict's against the Turks and other Successor Byzantine States i.e. The Latins, Romanian Frank's and Epirot Byzantine Armies.

To the figures I wasn't to sure about the historical shield designs for the Spearmen I was just plain lazy on my part and painted simple "campaign shield design" another words, one plain sandy/dusty flat color.  ;o) I think in the future I will not take anymore close up photos of my painting, one can see the brush strokes which is a little embarrassing :o)

Army Arrayed

General 3Cv and 3Cv (Stratiotai/Lancers)

2 x 3Kn (Latinikon Knights)

Left of Photo 2 x 2Lh (Tourkopouloi)

2 x 2Lh (Cumans)

Kontaratoi 4Sp with 4Bw and 2Ps
 2 x 2Ps Anatolia Archers Left of Photo

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

IV/32 Romanian Frank

1204 AD - 1311 AD

This DBA 2.2 

Army consists of 12 elements: Miniatures by 15mm Essex

1 x (General) 3Kn,  4 x 3Kn, 1 x 3Cv, 1 x 3Cb, 1 x 4Sp, 4 x 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Seljuq Turks, Later Bulgar's, Nikaian, Epirot, Palaiologan and Morean Byzantines and the infamous Catalan Company.

This Army was fun, painting up the shields for the Knights and Infantry, painting the Caparisons (a cloth covering over a horse for minor protection and decoration)
 color schemes etc.

I used light shades of gray for the base flocking to show the painted miniatures pop out more and perhaps visual appealing on the table? :o) 

Historically the poor :o) Romanian Franks had a handful of tough fighting against the Nikaian Byzantines losing on most occasions. This DBA army would be ideal for any one who strongly believes he/she can change history and defeat the Nikaian Byzantines! :o)

Monday, March 3, 2014

IV/39a Navarrese

15mm Essex Miniatures DBA 2.2
This Army consists of 12 elements: 1 x General (3Kn)  6 x 3Ax, 1 x 3Cb, 1 x 3Sp, 3 x 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Feudal & Medieval Spanish, French, English, Morean Byzantines, Ottoman Turks, Catalan Company, Italian Condotta and Albanians.

Brief Historical NotesNavarre and Gascony Mercenaries fought during early 1200's to early 1400's These guys were hired by any or every factional group within the Latin Empire of Greece which was divided into vassal states. the Kingdom of Thessaloniki, the Principality of Achaea, the Duchy of Athens, the Duchy of the Archipelago, the Duchy of Philippopolis (Thrace) and the Duchies of Nicaea and Philadelphia (Asia Minor)

The Navarrese Army is playable and not bad at all the bulk of the army consists of light infantry units, speed is the key factor to over run your opponent. The terrain placing i.e. rough going, woods, steep hills etc. is obvious and critical for the Navarrese player to use in his favor for any chance of a victory. 

I decided to paint the Navarrese figures using shades of brown/tan/red/orange/deep reddish pinks colors, I hand painted the shields, which was fun to do. I would have liked the 9 Essex Ax figures (wearing tan/brown shirts) as Heavy 3Ax (The guys wearing helmets kite shields etc)... oh well..  I will hand paint the Banners for the 2 Cavalry figures Escorting the General at a later stage and um..  maybe for the 3Sp?  :o)  to make this Army/Company look pretty on the table top battlefield.

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