Thursday, November 21, 2013

III/5a Middle Frankish

Hi Guys, This is my 15mm Essex DBA Austrasian or Burgundian 496 - 639 AD Army Pack.
The Army component's are 17 elements/stands (71 figures total)

1 x Gen (3Kn) or (3Cv) 1 x (3Kn) or (3Cv) 6 x (4Wb) 3 x (4Sp) or (3Wb) and 1 x (Ps)

Historical Enemies: Burgundi, Saxons, Frisians, Bavarian, Thuringians, Late Visigoths, Slav's, Lombard's, Avars and Early Byzantines.

The Army Arrayed

Gen (3Cv) & (3Cv)

Gen (3Kn) & (3Kn)

Spearmen (4Sp)

Warband (4Wb)

Warband (3Wb) & (Ps)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

III/62b Early Polish

Hi Guys, here are my 15mm Essex Miniatures Early Polish

This army, which is a good one to play with, has 12 elements/stands (49 figures)

1x(Gen)Kn  2xKn 1xLh 3xSp 1xBd 3xBw 1xPs

Historical Enemies: Early Slav, Early/Late Hungarians, Early Russian, Medieval Germans, Lithuanian or Samogitian, Teutonic Orders, Mongols and Medieval Scandinavian.

General (3Kn)

2 x (3Kn)

1 x (2Lh)

1 x (4Bd)

3 x (4Sp)

3 x (3Bw)

1 x (2Ps)

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