Sunday, June 22, 2014

I/6b Early Bedouin

3000 BC - 312 BC

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: 1 x (Gen) 3Ax, LCh or 3Cm, 6 x 3Ax, 5 x 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Early Egyptians, Mitanni, Canaanite, Ugaritic, Kassite, Later Babylonian, New Kingdom Egyptians, Hittite, Assyrians, Hebrew, Philistine and Later Aramaean.

This Army took me no time at all to prepare/clean and paint the figures and it was fun finishing off these guys. I used Craft smart Brown Acrylic paint as the primer of the bases and light Ivory for the dry brushing and used white paint over the little stones/rocks. I think I may went over board again with the tall "bull grass" ;o)

anyway, I found out that in the up coming DBA 3.0 rules/army list the Early Bedouins (b) are completely different in composition to the DBA 2.2 army list!..oh well.. I'm not that fussy ;o)

DBA 3.0
1 x General (3Cm)
4 x Camelry (3Cm)
4 x Javelinmen (3Ax)
1 x Archers (2Ps)
2 x Slingers or Javelinmen (2Ps)

I need to put together 4 more Camel elements (12 more figures) I tried using camel cigarettes that didn't work :op but um...anyway.. I based the Chariot model on a 40mm x 60mm stand as an experiment, a test, to see what it would look like with the extra room for the chariot to fit in nicely, not bad, easy to handle and little more appealing, but under the 3.0 army list a Bedouin General cannot be a "Chariot or Auxilia" so by joining the chariot and Auxilia elements together this will represent my camp for the army!

Army Arrayed

General as Light Chariot

General as Mounted Camel

General as Auxilia

Auxilia (Spearmen)

Psiloi - Slingers

Psiloi - Archers

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Basing my Bases

Hi Guys, visitors and followers ask me how I do my basing? Here is my first attempt of a "step by step" basing process. One thing though before I go on, I don't like the idea of using 4-5 layers of prime shading colors and 2-3 dry brushing colors schemes on bases in my opinion its just a waste of time and unnecessary, unless working on Dioramas yeah sure go right ahead and use multicolored shades/tones etc. but not on little bases like DBA! :o) anyway I hope my amateurish article helps.... I prefer to use just 2 colors, one for priming and one for dry brushing the plywood bases.

Buff Fine Ballast.

Acrylic Paints.

Epirot Units/Elements before flocking.

I brush white glue on the bases first, place the stand in a small container/box of Fine Buff Ballast, and perform swirling actions to cover the whole base while the glue is still wet. Putting the stands aside for 24 hours before moving on to the next phase.

I use Acrylic Raw Sienna to paint and cover the whole Buff Ballast bases.

After priming the Fine Ballast bases, I put aside the stands for 2-3 hours or even wait until the next day for the bases to be completely bone dry. mind you, Brown Fine Ballast would be better to use saves time painting the primer/under coat.

 I use Ivory to dry brush over the Raw Sienna

After completing the priming and dry brushing I use Scenic Express Turf Grass

I use tweezers to pick up and position the Turf Grass on the bases. To secure the Turf Grass on the bases I use white glue.

Some of the finished Epirot DBA elements....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I/46ab Kushite Egyptian

(Ethiopians) History of Kush Link 745 BC - 593 BC

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: 1 x (Gen) LCh, 1 x LCh, 2 x 3Cv, 2 x 3Ax, 4 x 2Ps or 4 x 3Bw, 2 x 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Libyan Egyptians, Bedouin, Philistine, Later Hebrew, Neo - Assyrian, Sargonid Assyrian and Static Egyptians.

Another great Army to paint, I replaced the cavalry men carrying lead spears with steal pins. Also you will notice, which is no secret, basing the chariot models on 40mm x 40mm square stand is a pain in the back side. There is simply no room for the model to fit at its full extension. Essex Chariot models are about 50mm long, Xyston Chariots are even longer! I believe DBA 3.0, soon to be available during the year? chariot models basing has changed from 40mm to 50mm depth to allow large models like Essex, Xyston miniatures etc. to fit nicely and secured on their stands.... we shall see!

Army Arrayed

General with Light Chariot

Line Cavalry

Auxilia - Javelins


Skirmishers - Archers

Skirmishers - Slingers

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