Tuesday, October 29, 2013

III/70bc Georgian

Hi Guys, here are my 15mm Essex Georgians, my favorite Army

This Army "B" consists of 14 elements/stands (58 figures) This Army may, as an option, be used as "C" exchanging 3 x 3Kn for 3 x 3Cv

1 x Gen (3Kn) 3 x (3Kn) 4 x (2Lh) 2 x (4Sp) 2 x (3Bw) 2 x (2Ps)

Historical Enemies:  Alans, Khazzar, Armenians, Nikephorian and Konstantinian Byzantines, Seljuq Turks, Anatolian Turkoman and Syrians.

Historical Brief Notes: coming soon

The Army Arrayed

General (Kn) with 3x (3Kn)

Cumans (Kipchak) 4 x (2Lh)

Spearmen 2 x (4Sp)

Foot Archers 2 x (3Bw)

Skirmishers 2 x (2Ps)

Essex Miniatures Ltd do not have DBA III/70a to c ready made army available, they do for FOG but not DBA which is strange. This army was put together using/purchasing 15mm Crusades: Seljuq Turk & Allies packs

click on codes to view essex pictures
Cavalry -  CRU28 CRU29 CRU30 CRU39a
Infantry - CRU29a CRU57 CRU33 CRU32

IMO there are other Essex packs may be use as Georgians i.e. Wallachian and/or Moldavian

EMED74 EMED75 ..........


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

IV/34 Trapezuntine Byzantines

The Army consists of the following 12 elements/stands (42 figures) Miniatures by Essex

1 x Gen (3Cv) 1 x (3Cv) 2 x (2Lh) 1 x (4Sp) 2 x (3Bw) 2 x (3Ax) 3 x (2Ps)

Historical Enemies: Alan's, Georgians, Seljuq Turk, Anatolian Turks, Timurid and Ottomans.

Historical Notes: After the capture of Constantinople in 1204 by the Venetian State backed by Frankish Crusaders the two created the Latin Empire, the "Byzantine Empire" in an effect collapsed and three Kingdoms (Successor States) were created Nicaea, Epirus and Trebizond. The Trebizond Empire was founded by it's first Emperor Alexius I Komnenos 1204-1222, a day before the Crusaders captured Constantinople.

The Trebizond had difficult times during the next two and half centuries, between 1204 - 1461 AD with its small army the Trebizond dependent on hiring Mercenaries and forming Alliances/Royal marriages for exchange of military Aid in order to survive the wars/campaigns she was involved against continuous invaders, finally the Trapezuntine Byzantines were overwhelmed and wiped out by the Ottomans in 1461.

The Army Arrayed


General (3Cv)

Line Cavalry (3Cv)

Light Cavalry (2Lh)

Heavy Infantry (4Sp)

Foot Archers (3Bw)

Light Infantry (3Ax)

Skirmishers (2Ps)

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