Wednesday, May 29, 2019

28mm Successors WIP 2

Basing anyone?

Playing around with ideas on how to base miniatures for Impetvs, Hail Caesar, To the Strongest and Commands & Colors...

16 Figures representing one Impetvs unit on 4 Stands x 60mm x 20mm (Frontage 12cm x 4cm or 6cm )

24 Figures representing one Impetvs unit. figures on 60mm x 20mm (6 Stands)  with three ranks this looks more of a pike block?

12 Figures representing one Basic Impetvs unit... figures on 60mm x 40mm (2 Stands)

Two Basic Impetvs units. figures on 40mm x 40mm (3 Stands each) This may be the better option to base my Successors minis it will also allow me to use the bases for Commands & Colors Ancients.

Commands & Colors Ancients 4 figure bases 40mm x 40mm..umm..hmm..notice some minor "gap" issues between the figures.... extra flocking/terrain features may help?

Playing around displaying units with basing options...

A long way to go to finish off this project! I also have Old Glory Miniatures - foot Archers, Slingers and Javelinmen to work on... Two figure 40mm x 40mm bases?

I need to find i.e. (Ptolemaic/Seleucid's) 28mm Successor Companions Cavalry, Heavy line Cavalry and Light Cavalry... question is which manufactures? :o) metal or plastic?..

...anyway back to cleaning/prep more pikemen and then on to painting!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

28mm Successors WIP

Hi Guys, started working on 28mm miniatures for a change of pace. The figures are Foundry Ancients - Macedonians range. Foundry miniatures are great sculpts and some what easy/quick to paint up.... Also have 28mm Crusader Miniatures: 120 Macedonian figures plus 120 Greeks (Hoplites/light infantry) all these are awaiting to be primed etc...Thinking of placing lesser armor pikemen figures in the rear and heavy armor up front...The idea is to put a few Successor armies together and play using Basic Impetvs, Too the Strongest and maybe even Hail Caesar rules sets....or , dare I say it, *boring* DBA :oP

... umm..hmm.. how to base the figures?

Frontage 40mm x 40mm base with 4 figures (2 front x 2 rear) (Hail Caesar rules?)
Frontage 60mm x 40mm base with 6 figures (3 x 3) (2 stands make up one unit for Impetvs and TTS)
Frontage 30mm x 40mm (2 x 2) (4 stands to represent a unit for Commands and Colors Ancients?) This idea requires large hexes i.e. 5 inch hexes for units to fit in?....back to painting cheers!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

II/20a Ptolemaic

15mm Essex Miniatures (commission work)

DBA 2.2 (13 elements)

1 x 3Kn (Gen) 1 x 3Kn, 1 x 2Lh, 6 x 4Pk, 1 x 3Ax/4Ax, 1 x El or 2Ps, 1 x 2Ps

This DBA army is slightly different from the II/20c Ptolemaic listing. I painted the Pikemen more of Egyptian "appearance" Also, painted the pike shields with "impression" of crocodile skins, not historical....but what the hey :o)

Historical Enemies: Early Libyan, Kyrenean Greek, Meroitic Kushite, Seleucid, other Successors and Marian Romans.

The Diadoch, Ptolemy I, became King of Hellenistic Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great. Ptolemy son, Ptolemy II inherited the Greco-Egyptian Empire in 285 BC, the dynasty ended with the death of Queen Cleopatra 30 BC

General (3Kn)
Companions (3Kn)

Elephant (El)

Egyptian Phalanx

Greek Mercenaries (4Ax)

Egyptian Light Horse (2Lh)

Skirmishers (2Ps)

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