Wednesday, March 27, 2019

II/19a Seleucid

15mm Essex Miniatures

DBA 2.2 Army (13 elements)

1 x (General)3Kn, 1 x 3Kn, 1 x 2Lh, 4 x 4Pk, 1 x SCh or 3/4Ax, 2 x El, 2 x 2Ps

The Diadochi Seleucus I, a Macedonian general who accompanied Alexander the Great into Asia, founded a line of kings who reigned in Asia Minor until 65 BC (358-281 BC)

Mounted General


Scythed Chariot (SCh)

Heavy Cavalry (3Kn)

General (3Kn)

Light Cavalry (2Lh)

Pikes (4Pk)

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