Thursday, June 13, 2013

IV/68a Medieval Spanish

50th post...

1340 AD - 1485 AD

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: 1 x Gen (3Kn) 2 x 3Kn, 1 x 3Kn//4Bd or 4Lb or 2Lh, 2 x 2Lh, 1 x 4Sp, 2 x 3Ax, 1 x 4Cb, 2 x 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Fanatic Berber, Granadine, Navarrese, English HYW, Portuguese, Armagnac, French Ordonnance.

Here are my long over due completed Medieval Spanish. All figures are from 15mm Essex DBA army pack.It has all the options, but, wait for it, one 3Ax element missing! which is crazy... DBA army lists/rules 2.2v clearly show 2 elements of Ax......oh well..... any body have 3 spare 15mm MED Ax figures? :o)

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