Monday, July 29, 2019

II/17 Lysimachus

15mm Essex Miniatures

DBA 2.2 (12 elements)

1 x (General)3Kn, 1 x 2Lh, 4 x 4Pk, 4 x 3Ax, 1 x 2Ps, 1 x 4Sp

Lysimachus became governor of Thrace after the death of Alexander the Great and later manage to annex Macedon and western Asia Minor. The heavy cavalry (Kn) were a mix of Macedonian or Thracian nobility and the light horse were Thracian. In addition to the (Pk) Phalangites, Lysimachus had Greek subject Hoplites from minor coastal cities (Sp) and Thracian Peltasts (Ax) as well as archers or Slingers (Ps).

Phalangites (4Pk)

Thracian Peltasts (3Ax)

Thracian Light Horse (2Lh) wearing Boiotian helmets?

Thracian skirmishers (2Ps)

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