Tuesday, September 30, 2014

II/69 Sassanid Persian

220 AD - 651 AD

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: (15 elements)  Miniatures by Essex

1 x (Gen) 3Cv, 1 x 4Kn or 3Cv, 4 x 3Cv, 1 x 2Lh, 1 x El or 3Cv, 1 x 3Ax or 3Cv, 2 x 7Hd, 1 x 2Ps

Historical Enemies: Armenians, Parthian, Kushan, Alan's, Palmyran, Hunnic, Mid - Late Imperial Rome, Patrician Roman, Early and Maurikian Byzantines, Khazar, Central Asian Turkish and Arab Conquest.

Historical Notes: I hope I got this right after my research, 
Ardashir I or Ardeshir I (180–242 AD) was the founder of the Sassanian Empire. The dynasty ruled for four centuries, until it was overthrown by (the Arab Conquest) Rashidun Caliphate in 651 AD.  The Sassanid Persian Empire were always at heads against their feared rival the Roman Empire in Asia Minor and in the middle east, actually more to point, Roman support in Armenia and the Caucasus Regions. 

In 230 AD Ardashir I led his army into the Roman province of Mesopotamia, unsuccessfully besieging the fortress town of Nisibis. The Roman Emperor Alexander Severus in 232 AD arrived and moved his plan of operations headquarters at Antioch, trying to regroup his legions together during his march to the Sassanid capital at Ctesiphon, Severus experienced a disaster, Ardashir was able to take advantage of the Roman disordered army columns and manage to concentrate his own forces against the Romans advancing through Armenia, where he was able to halt the Roman advance with a decisive victory. The Persian army suffered considerable high losses of her own and was in bad condition and no attempt was made to pursue the fleeing Romans.

The Roman Emperor Severus returned to Europe in 233 AD and Ardashir for several years rebuild his shattered and fatigue Army. In 237 AD, Ardashir again along with his son and successor to the throne Shapur I invaded Mesopotamia with successful results at Nisibis and Carrhae. In 240 - 241 AD, Ardashir I and Shapur finally captured the stubborn fortress of Hatra. Ardashir I died in the year 242, and Shapur I was crowned as "king of kings"

The Sassanid Persian Empire faced and suffered major defeats against the Arab Muslim invasion at Walaja 633 AD, al-Qadisiyyyah 636 AD, and the battle of Nahavand 642 AD the Persians were finally crushed and conquered by the Arabs 651 AD

Army Arrayed

General (3Cv)


Persian Cataphracts (4Kn)

Persian Clibanarii Extra Heavy Cavalry (3Cv)

Persian Clibanarii Heavy Cavalry (3Cv)

Persian Light Horse (2Lh)

Levy - Hordes (7Hd)

Sassanid Light Infantry (3Ax)

Persian Skirmishers (2Ps)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

IV/45 Mamluk Egyptian

1250 AD - 1517 AD 

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: 1 x (General) 3Cv, 6 x 3Cv, 2 x 2Lh, 1 x 2Ps, 1 x 2Ps or 3Wb or 3Ax, 1 x 7Hd or 2Lh.

Historical Enemies: Nobades,Blemmye or Beja, Christian Nubian, Seljuq Turk, Cilician Armenian, Syrian, Later Crusader, Lusignan Cypriot, IIkhanid, Anatolian Turkoman, Ottoman, Order of St.John, Jalayirid, Timurid and "Sheep" Tukomans.

Historical Brief Notes: The 
Mamluks were an "organized union" of slave soldiers, originally Kipchaks but mainly Circassians, a North Caucasian "Turkic" ethnic groupconverted to Islam made themselves indispensable, they seized political power and appointed their own sultans. Only the Royal Mamluks were trained thoroughly and drilled. The halqa were elite non-mamluk cavalry recruited from Arabs, native Egyptians and the sons of MamluksThe cavalry seem or may have been lightly armored horse archers and some as traditional lancers. The halqa in Syria outlasted the 13th century as a competent fighting force, those in Egypt having deteriorated into undisciplined home defense infantry archers.... anyway on to the figures..

Painting Notes: A nice cavalry army to command with 9 to 10 cavalry elements this army has mobility to attack your opponent flanks. The Mamluk cavalry (player) should avoid facing enemy foot archers (Bw) or else the Mamluks will certainly be shot out of their horses! Painted this army with my usual middle east/Islamic color schemes and hand painted shields. It seems I need to purchase a new camera, regardless using my photo software editor my photos still come out dark... oh well... :o)

Army Arrayed

General (3Cv)

Elite Cavalry (3Cv)

Halqa Arab Cavalry (3Cv)

Light cavalry (2Lh)

Auxilia (3Ax)

Warband (3Wb)

Skirmishers (2Ps)

Militia (7Hd)

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