Thursday, July 31, 2014

28mm Renaissance Project

The Great Italian Wars 1494 AD - 1559 AD

Hi Guys, here are the miniatures for my next 28mm painting project.

2 packs of Old Glory Landsknechts (30 figures per bag) 
1 pack of Old Glory Doppelsoldner 2-Handed Swords (30 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Landshnechts Artillery crews (20 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Heavy Guns (2 models)
1 pack of Glory Light Guns (2 models)
2 packs of Pro Gloria Miniatures Landsknechts (24 figures per pack)

Total: 158 figures + 4 gun models

28mm Old Glory Landsknechts
I like the Old Glory Landsknechts figures they do have character, with lots of head variations on 5 different body poses and a lot of detail on the figures with minimum cleaning. I just hope I don't botch the painting on these figures.

The 2 figures below seems to be officers or standard bearers? 
which remind me I need to get flags/banners!

Doppelsoldner (2-Handed Swordsmen) German version of "Norse Warriors Berserkers" these guys were usually deployed up front, leading the advance of their pike bloc's,  and to my understanding, hack their way through enemy pike formations or even to break off the ends of enemy pikes.

Purchased two Advancing Regimental packs. each pack contains 20 pikes 4 command (1 Officer, 1 Standard, 1 Drummer and 1 escort with pole axe?) The Pro Gloria miniatures look and feel great, nice clean and very detail sculpts. The facial expressions on these figures remind of the German Artist Albrecht Dürer paintings and other Renaissance artists.

I had bad luck on two counts, in one pack I got to many of the same pose figures, in the 2nd pack I had one figure missing, I emailed Pro Gloria miniatures about the missing figure and the reply was I need to make out another order and the missing figure will be added plus 2 or 3 extra figures for free to cover my pain and suffering..hehehe...couldn't stop giggle after reading the reply email from Pro Gloria... they do have great banners/flags and I'm considering getting a couple of sheets.

Comparing the two 28mm Landsknechts Manufactures - Old Glory on the left and Pro Gloria on the right. No doubt about it, the two figures/Manufacturers mix in well together, the old glory figure on the left of photo head size may be at least 1mm or 2mm :o) splitting hairs here, bigger than the Pro Gloria on the right, and should not be noticeable on the table top if the two figure types are mixed together.

Monday, July 28, 2014

II/20c Ptolemaic

166 BC - 54 BC (Hellenistic - Egyptian)

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: (14 elements)

1 x (General) 3Kn, 1 x 3Kn, 1 x 2Lh, 4 x 4Pk, 2 x 4Bd or 4Ax, 1 x El, 1 x 4Ax, 1 x 2Ps 

Historical Enemies: Early Libyan, Kyrenean Greek, Meroitic Kushite, Seleucid and Marian Romans.

Historical Notes: coming soon...

This Army basically fought against the Marian Romans and Seleucid Empire and other minor powers. Typical Hellenistic Army during the 166 BC - 54 BC time frame, with Pikemen/Blades and Elephant to hold the center supported with a very tiny contingent of light infantry. 

The Heavy and Light horse cavalry units should be placed on the main battle line flanks. Placing the General in the center next to the Elephant will give a nasty punch :o) effect to the opposition....

I also found out under DBA 3.0 army list the Egyptian Blades are compulsory to this army and only one , mercenary Thracian, Auxilia element is allowed to be used... not to worry.. anyway....

um  :o) my apologies for so many photos (all 35 of them) the miniatures wouldn't stand still to have their photos taken.... cheers ;oP

Army Arrayed

General with his Companions (3Kn)

Cleruch Cavalry (3Kn)

Thracian Cavalry (2Lh)

Elephant Corps (El)

Macedonian Heavy Infantry (4Pk)

Egyptian Heavy Infantry (4Bd)

Mercenary Thracians (4Ax)

Pisidian Skirmishers (2Ps)

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