Tuesday, May 26, 2015

28mm Napoleonic Saxons Part 2

28mm Elite Miniatures: Saxons 1810-13

During the weekend I started working on Prinz Anton Regiment. This time round,  I primed the Elite miniatures light gray and used my usual "15mm ancients" style painting approach on the 28mm Saxons - no quick shade dipping method. My Prinz Anton figures look "cleaner" and a little better in appearance, instead of the heavy muddy quick shade campaign look I used on the Konig Regiment figures.....

I painted and dry brush brown from the base of the figure up and over the shoes/to the knees of the figures. I'm not to sure to use the AP strong tone quick shade over the figures again?....any thoughts?......more updates later, thanks Guys!

Friday, May 22, 2015

28mm Napoleonic Saxons

Hi Guys,

something different for a change purchased 28mm or should it be 30mm? Elite Miniatures Napoleonic 1810-15 Saxon Infantry Battalion pack.

32 figures   ( 1 x mounted officer, 2 x officers, 1 x nco, 1 x drummer, 1 x standard bearer, 26 musketeers )

The figures are great, so I ordered more ;o) Battalion bags and a few sheets of GMB Design flags....

Nice figures to work with and they do paint up well and rather quickly. Painted this battalion as the König Regiment 1810-12 with Scarlet facings, 1813 the facing colors changed to red... umm..I think I over did it using Army Painter Quick Shade - Strong tone on the infantry.... oh well.. ;o)

I set up my Saxon's on 60mm x 40mm bases as a test to see how they would look. 32 figs to represent one battalion where as if I mount the figures as 2 x 16 figure battalions (regiment) on 30mm x 40mm bases may be the way to go considering the costs involved to buy Elite Miniatures if one is to put a brigade or even one 1812 Saxon Division together...anyway something for me to think about...  :o)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

25mm Sash & Saber ACW Union

I started re-basing my 25mm ACW Sash and Sabre Miniatures about two weeks ago.... I was totally surprised to discovered in one box I had (3 bags - 40 figures each) 120 unpainted figures! talk about being blind sided, forgetful or "absentminded" .....anyway... I started working on the unpainted figures during last 6-8 days and I am pleased how these Sash Sabre minis turned out... A little short on officers and buglers/drummers for the 12 Union Regiments I'm putting together....anyway... a long road to finish off this belated project! :o)

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