Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Xyston Mounted Generals

On my work bench...I manage to fit in during breaks from other projects paint up these great looking Xyston Persian Mounted General packs ANC20063 I added ANC20068 - Persian Satrapal Guard figures to the stands as Escorts with the mounted Generals. These stands will be part of DBA and Basic Impetves Persian Armies I'm working on.....  :o)

(My apologies for some of the pictures which came out a little blurry)



Macedonian Mounted Generals ANC20109
These guys (single generals) are for my Xyston - Successors and Later Macedonians DBA & Basic Impetves Armies currently working on....

Friday, November 21, 2014

Xyston Hellenistic Cavalry

It's no secret that Xyston miniatures are the best to have in one's miniature army for ancient wargaming, great sculpts with a lot detail, easy to paint but a pain in the back side to drill holes through the hands for wire Pikes, Spears and Javelins and some what cumbersome (bulky with some figures) to fit/mount the figures on their bases......anyway...To show you how bored I was after having a few breaks from painting miniatures, I thought I share with these previous painting projects/pictures from the past.....

click on links/images below to view more of my "cavalry blocks" photos ;o) ..... Charge!

Monday, November 10, 2014

British 1815 Old Glory 2nd Edition

These British 28mm OG 2nd Ed. Miniatures are great valve for money to buy. Non - OG Army membership customers would cost them $41.00 to buy one 1809 or 1815 box set of 38 figures. OG Army membership card holders ($50.00 per year membership) will receive 40% discount to buy one box set which would cost $24.00 (roughly 63 cents per figure) which is a great deal. I wouldn't mix these OG 2nd Ed with OG 1st ed Napoleonic's :o) 1st Ed Napoleonic's figures have unusual head sizes (which are easily seen or noticed on the table top).....anyway.. I haven't really finish these figures, working on the white pipping for the green facings and eventually flock the bases. The figures are mounted on standard 40mm x 40mm bases to cover most wargame rules sets.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

ACW Old Glory 2nd Edition

These 28mm Old Glory American Civil War Miniatures are nice to have in anyone's ACW collection, the figures mix in well with other manufactures, perhaps a little taller and slim, but they do paint up quickly. The figures below are mounted on 40mm x 40mm bases with my moderate quality flocking :o) I also have this tendency, which is a little embarrassing on my part, of not putting standard bearers/flags together for my figures. I should really push myself to work on putting flags together for my figures/units perhaps during Fall/Winter...anyway... also these figures were painted by me during August, this year and plum forgot to publish the post here at my blog!.....oops! :o)

Confederate Infantry Marching

Union Infantry Marching

Union Infantry Firing

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