Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saxon Light Cavalry

28mm Eagle Miniatures: Painted this Saxon von Polenz Chevauleger cavalryman after a break painting Napoleonic Infantry. My Saxon Infantry Corps - Cavalry Brigade support units will consist of Two Chevaulegers (Light.Dragoons) Regiments, One 1813 Ulan (Lancers) Regiment (to be used for the 1812 Campaign Russia as well) and One Hussar Regiment. I'm thinking of basing the Cavalry, 2 figures on 40mm x 50mm stands. (6 bases per Regiment)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Saxon Light Infantry Regiment

28mm Elite Miniatures:
Two (12 figures each) Light Infantry Battalions. Two (2 figure each) Skirmisher stands will be added attached to each Light Battalion. 

2nd and 1st Battalion Command stands.

It seems, during my online research, "Germanic" Light Infantry units during the Napoleonic Wars stained/painted their Muskets/Rifles black? I'm not to sure.. but anyway I painted some figures with brown and black muskets. Also I'm not to sure about the musket belts/straps should it be red leather or black? The Saxon Jäger Company used black stained rifles & leather straps or am I wrong? :o)

2nd Battalion

1st Battalion


Currently working on my 2nd Light Infantry Regiment (2 Battalions)

In my next post I will display brigade/group photo shoots of my painted units. Saxon Infantry brigades had mixed units i.e. 1 or 2 Line Regiments, 1 or 2 Grenadier Battalions and 1 Light Infantry Battalion. 

oh!... by the way, main source of information for my painted Saxon units are from

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saxon Prinz Anton Regiment

Oberst von Ryssel

Part of  my 2nd Brigade (Generalmajor von Nostitz)
21st Division: Generallieutenant on Lecoq
VII  CORPS  -  General  de Division.  Reynier: 
1812  Russia

Two (24 figures each) Battalions. 28mm Elite Miniatures: Flags by GMB Designs
The Leibfahne - 1st Battalion carried the white flag and the Ordinarfahne - 2nd Battalion carried the facing color of the regiment (blue flag)

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