Friday, October 7, 2016

III/10b Hindu (Indian) Rajput

747 AD - 1300 AD

15mm Essex Miniatures

DBA 2.2
Army Composition: (Gen) 1 x El or 3Kn, 3 x 3Kn, 2 x 3Bd, 4 x 3Bw, 2 x 2Ps

DBA 3.0
Army Composition: (Gen) 1 x El or 3Kn, 2 x 3Kn, 1 x El or 3Kn, 2 x 3Bd, 3 x 3Bw,

1 x (Camel) Cm or 3Bw, 1 x 2Ps, 1 x 2Ps or 7Hd

The Rajput (Kingdoms situated modern day Northern India) were clans of elite class peoples and ferocious warriors, which fought and often defeated the Muslim Arab invasions during the 8th Century. Finally during the 12th Century the Muslims manage to establish Islamic states North of India i.e. Ghurid Dynasty (modern day Afghanistan/Pakistan) and the Delhi Sultanate. Some Hindu states remained independent until the Mughal conquests.

The main Rajput punching force are the knights (3Kn) supported with irregular foot archers (3Bw) and skirmishers (2Ps)

I painted a lot of detail on the figures i.e 3Kn, I don't know why, just couldn't stop :o) I think I wanted to get the best out of the figures...anyway..not really good on my eyes during painting, to much concentration I guess and sometimes I end up having a headache or the occasionally half day migraine, to much "pressure" on my eyes. Perhaps I should make an appointment with my Ophthalmologist or is it Optometrist? ;oP ...anyway...not to sure about the flocking/work on the bases? look ok to me :o)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

III/63b Ghaznavid

1002 AD - 1186 AD

DBA 2.2

15mm Essex Miniatures

Army Composition: (Gen) 1 x 3Cv or El, 1 x El, 3 x 3Cv, 1 x 2Lh, 2 x 4Sp or 4Bw, 1 x 4Ax or 2Lh or El. 1 x 3Bd or 2Ps, 2 x 3Bw.

Here are my Ghaznai (Modern Day Afghanistan) Army. There are lots of options to pick from the DBA army list to create a crack fighting force. The Elephants are really the main punching arm to break through, if lucky with die rolls your opponents center battle line :oP


Ghaznai Regular Infantry

Ghaznai Cavalry with Afghan Light Horse

Sultan as 3Cv

Afghan Irregular's (Light Infantry)

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