Sunday, December 21, 2014

III/60 Dynastic Kurdish

950 AD - 1085 AD

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: 1 x (Gen) 3Cv, 8 x 3Cv, 1 x 2Lh or 3Cv, 2 x 5Wb or 7Hd or 2Lh (17 elements)

Historical Enemies: Bagratid Armenian, Dynastic Bedouin, Buyid or other Dailami Dynasties and Georgian.

Historical brief notes: Kurdish dynasties managed to gain power after the collapse of their Abbasid Arabs masters. Some Kurdish dynasties/tribes controlled their own native mountain regions, such as the Hasanuyid chiefs of the Barzikani Kurd's of Kirmanshah or the Annazid chiefs of the Shadhinjani Kurd's of Hulwan.

In Azerbaijan, a Kurdish chief, Daysam disputed control of land with the Musafirids, but was defeated when his Dailami troops were defected by their Musafirid compatriots. Kurdish power in Azerbaijan was restored by the Rawaddids (circa 950-1071). The Marwanids ruled what is now Iraqi Kurdistan, supplementing their tribal forces with Georgian Ghulams and sometimes cooperating with local town militias. The Kurdish and Marwanids dynasties were finally eliminated (completely remove or get rid of) by the Seljuk Turks.

Kurdish cavalry were armed with lance, sword and shield and in some cases carried bows. A nasty looking cavalry force indeed with lots of "punching" attacks, an ideal DBA Cavalry Army to do battle against the DBA Georgians and Bagratid Armenian's!....umm.. I strongly recommend to avoid if possible, playing against Bowmen (Bw) armed armies! :oP

Dynastic Kurdish Army Arrayed

General (3Cv)

Guards (3Cv)

Syrian Mercenaries (3Cv)

Kurdish Cavalry (3Cv)

Kurdish Scouts (2Lh)

Fanatics (5Wb)

Militia (7Hd)

or as Camp elements?  :o)

More Pictures!...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

III/37b Abbasid Arab

747 AD - 945 AD

DBA 2.2

Army Composition: 1 x (Gen) 3Cv, 3 x 3Cv, 3 x 6Bw, 2 x 6Bw or (1 x 4Bw or 2Ps + 1 x 4Sp) 1 x 2Lh 1 x 3Wb or 3Cv, 1 x 4Ax or 2Lh

Historical Enemies: Nobades, Blemmye or Beja, Abyssinian and Horn of Africa, Christian Nubian, Tibetan, Khazar, Thematic Byzantine, Khurasanian, Bagratid Armenian, Dynastic Bedouin and Dailami Dynasties.

The Abbasid Caliphate, was the third of the Islamic caliphates to succeed the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Abbasid dynasty descended from Muhammad's youngest uncle, Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib. Read more Abbasid Caliphate History.....

Abbasid Caliphate to their greatest territorial expansionism 632 AD - 850 AD

This is my 100th posting :o)
A cute army to paint with a lot of "fire power/missile troops" 6 figure Bowmen bases, their job is to hold the center battle line of the army and prey their Ghulam's Cavalry (3Cv) and Light horse (2Lh) flank their opponents! The 6Bw elements should be mounted on one 40mm x 40mm bases but went for single bases instead, shields hand painted by me as usual, tried to use different light pascal colours /stripes for the infantry which look fine.... The usual flocking of the bases by me, but a different approach... I primed the Buff Fine Ballast with Ceramcoat "Flesh" acrylic colour paint put the stands aside to completely dry, the oil heater going on in the house helped dry the bases quickly...anyway... I dry brush over the flesh colour with Ivory acrylic paint and added the grass turfs ... got an interesting result, the bases look like or show "sunset or sunrise" effect? :o) what do you think guys?

Once again some photos came out a little blurry, sorry about that, perhaps I should use my good eye instead of my patched eye during photo shoots...  :o)

Amir - General (3Cv)

Ghulams (3Cv)

Abid Spearmen (4Sp)

Mercenaries (4Ax)

Abid Bowmen (4Bw)

Abid Fanatics (3Wb)

Abid Skirmishers (2Ps)

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