Thursday, November 21, 2013

III/5a Middle Frankish

Hi Guys, This is my 15mm Essex DBA Austrasian or Burgundian 496 - 639 AD Army Pack.
The Army component's are 17 elements/stands (71 figures total)

1 x Gen (3Kn) or (3Cv) 1 x (3Kn) or (3Cv) 6 x (4Wb) 3 x (4Sp) or (3Wb) and 1 x (Ps)

Historical Enemies: Burgundi, Saxons, Frisians, Bavarian, Thuringians, Late Visigoths, Slav's, Lombard's, Avars and Early Byzantines.

The Army Arrayed

Gen (3Cv) & (3Cv)

Gen (3Kn) & (3Kn)

Spearmen (4Sp)

Warband (4Wb)

Warband (3Wb) & (Ps)


  1. Excellent, Phil! I'm partial to your war bands; they should give this bunch quite a punch. Didn't the Byzantines mix it up with Burgundians in Italy? So you have another army to match up with those fine fellows!

    14 more factions to paint? You'll be through them in no time the way you're going!

  2. Hi Monty, sorry for the delay replying, Yes this army fought the early Byzantines, early Slavs,Lombard's and Italian Goths and Visigoths. The Mid/Frankish fought each other as well, I do have the early Byzantines and one day or two or when ever :o) I will paint them up.... having said that...I manage to finish off painting Syrians, Arab Conquest and Attila Huns put these armies aside to flock the bases later. The idea is the paint all my DBA armies first, mount the figures on their bases and flock the bases at a latter stage as mass flocking :o) day...anyway..currently working on Anatolian Turcoman and Seljuk Rum Turks.

  3. WOW! I've wanted to paint the Seljuk Turks for a long time. Arab Conquest would be fun too. Really looking forward to all this. With your deep bench, perhaps you can host a big DBA even right out of your house? ;-)

    1. Thanks for your comments Monty,

      I'm a little disappointed with the Essex Seljuk Turk Army pack, the 15mm Seljuk figures look ordinary with no special or distinctive features...having said that, the Seljuk army painted up quickly as was the Arab conquest army.... umm.. :o) one day or weekend I will stage solo DBA game displays of the armies I painted..


  4. Sorry for missing these earlier, Phil. Great looking troops as always! Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean, drop in any time, no problem..all the best to you


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