Monday, January 6, 2014

III/78 Early Russian

Hi Guys, well it is winter here at Washington State :o) are my 15mm Essex Early Russians

1 x 3Cv (Gen) 4 x 3Cv, 2 x 2Lh, 2 x 4Sp, 2 x 2Ps, 

Options 1 x 7Hd, or 3Ax or 6Kn (German Knights) or 3Kn (Russian Boyars)

Historical Enemies: Volga Bulgar, Vikings, Pecheneg, Rus, Early Polish, Early Hungarian, Cuman KipchakLithuanian Samogitian, Estonian, Prussian, Teutonic Orders and Mongols.

Historical Notes: ......coming soon

I decided to base the German knights on two stands 40mm x 30mm this way I will have extra cavalry elements for games if needed and If I decided to base the Kn's the minis would be mounted on 40mm x 60mm base. The Germans would be in wedge formation 1 figure front rank 2 figures 2nd (center) and 3 figures 3rd rank (rear) The Knights come with the Essex DBA Army pack.

I used Plaster of Paris Powder and All Purpose flour for the ground texture surface of the base and I used baking Soda for the smooth snow effect. These products are great for creating winter - snow bases. 

Army Arrayed

German 6Kn


  1. Superb work Phil, and so timely! I believe this is my favorite faction to date. I adore your shieldwork, colors and the winter basing. This looks like a tough army in DBA.

    Did I mention I'm reading "Vladimir the Russian Viking" and it's -22 degrees? Yea, perfect post!

  2. :o) Thanks Monty....all the best to you Sir! :o)

  3. Greate looking Novgorodians !!!

    I hope you will put a Swedish Crusader army on the Work bench ;) use the DBA, IV/54d others, list for them...

    Best regards Michael

    1. Just noticed that the III/78 Early Russian didnt have the IV/54d list as enemys...

      of course you should use the III/40d list instead and YES I know that list dosen´t have them as enemys either, but during the 1300th century you wouldn´t see a Viking fleet go to the baltic states but a Leidang fleet. So for a more historical correct opponent use III/40d and for a rules correct opponent use III/40b. Good luck with your work :)

      Best regards Michael

    2. Great! Thanks Michael for your suggestions which I really appreciate and needed.. I do want an army to take on the "Novgorodians" :) going by your III/40d I gather the Leidang Bd elements carried axes and double handed swords etc? another words I was planning on mixing dark ages, late crusade and medieval Museum Miniatures (which I have lots of them) infantry to use as Blades?

    3. Hi

      Great that you like the ideea. I would absolutely not use double handed swords, but the accational double handed axe would work. You can have a look at my 28mm Swedish baltic Crusaders and you know what kind of minis that would work. I´m not that in to 15mm nowerdays so I can realy recomend anu to use. Link to my blog posts about the baltic crusaders:

      there are a buncjh of pictures of Baltic pagans to...

      Good luck with your project

      best regards Michael

    4. Thanks Michael,

      I checked out your 28mm Swedish Baltic Crusaders - I'm amazed of the painting on the miniatures and the flags/banners are very colorful and very attractive to look at. Your 28mm Crusaders have given me a guide which 15mm/18mm miniatures to use for III/40d...I will take my time to work on this project, but umm hmm..maybe I should wait for DBA 3.0 to come out there may be army list changes in 3.0 who knows? ;o)

      Thanks for your help and suggestions, stay in touch



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