Wednesday, January 15, 2014

III/25b Arab Conquest

15mm Essex Miniatures Arab Conquest - This "Fanatical" Army has 14 elements (58 figures) 
1xGen(Cv) 4xCv 1xLh 4xWb 2xBw or 2xPs

Historical Enemies: Blemmye, Beja, Nobades, Late Moorish, Sassanid Persians, Christian Nubian, Khazar, Rshtuni Armenian, Maurikian and Thematic Byzantine's.

Historical Brief Notes:

After decades of continuous wars the Sassanid Persian and the Roman Byzantine Empires were totally exhausted fighting eachother a "new kid on the block" had arrived to enter into the territorial conflict and establish a new "power house" in the region, the Arabs. The Islamic prophet Muhammad in the 7th century established a new unified polity in the Arabian Peninsula which under the subsequent leadership of Rashidun and Umayyad Caliphates saw a century of rapid expansion of Arab Muslim power. 

Under Muhammad (d. 632)

Battle of Hijra 620
Battle of Bedar 624
Battle of Uhud 625
Battle of Mecca 630
Battle of Hunayn 630
Battle of Tabuk 631

Under the Rashidun

The conquest of Syria, 637
The conquest of Armenia, 639
The conquest of Egypt, 639
The conquest of North Africa, 652
The conquest of Cyprus, 654

Under the Umayyads
The conquest of North Africa, 665
The first Arab siege of Constantinople, 674–678
The second Arab siege of Constantinople, 717–718
Conquest of Spain, 711–718
The conquest of Georgia, 736

Later conquests
The conquest of Crete, 820 (Umayyad Caliph al-Walid I)
The conquest of southern Italy, 827 (Caliph of Syria, Muawiyah I, Muslim forces commanded by Mu'àuia ibn-Hodeig)

Army Arrayed

General 3Cv

Spearmen 4Wb


  1. That's a great looking army, and a great temptation for our club! Beautiful paintjob and great basement too!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Phil. I appreciate you dropping in to view my painted armies/work.

      thanks again, all the best to you sir!


  2. Very nice job, Phil. You don't see this army often enough.

    I hope they will perform well.


    1. Thanks Seb,
      I know what you mean, The Arab Conquest Army is not common to see on the DBA table top battle field, but it is a good one to play with against II/55b Nobades,Blemmye or Beja, II/57 Later Moorish, II/69 Sassanid Persians and of course the Byzantines. I'm planning adding on the other Arab infantry warbands for III/25a during the year....


  3. WOW! Phil, you are on a roll. I adore the orangey brown color you used. Repeating it throughout gives this army a tight and wonderful visual. Your shieldwork is once again, tops! I especially love the starburst pattern. Bravo!

    I wonder how they fare in period? Can they beat a knight army?

    1. Hey Monty! most enemies of the Arab Conquest Army don't have Knights, although The Mauritian Byzantines do have one element of Kn's but not enough to do damage to the Arabs, most of her enemies are similar in structure lots of Cavalry/Light Horse and a handful of Infantry etc.. I'm thinking of expanding the Arabs during the year adding more infantry etc.....

      But Hey, if you want to put together an all out hard hitting punching Knight Cavalry Army go for the African Vandals II/84 and I will have nothing but Bowmen in my army :oP and we shall see who be the victor! :o)


    2. Excellent! My DBA ignorance shines through. I know some rules treat mounted Normans as knights. But now that I think of it, Normans may not have tangled with the Arab conquest army. Unless it was Spain or Sicily. I guess I have more reading to do!

    3. The Arab Conquest/Muslim conquests brought about the collapse of the Sassanid Empire and territorial loss for the Byzantine Empire. This Army/forces fought many, to name a few, Later Sassanid ,Maurikian Byzantine, Khazar, and in (Spain)- Later Visigothic....


  4. This is an impressive array of Arabs, Phil. They look superb - the basing really ties them all together too. Best, Dean


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