Friday, January 15, 2016

Napoleonic British Line - Command

28mm Old Glory 2nd Edition: Command packs (figures)


  1. Very nicely done, Phil! I haven't gotten any Old Glory 2nd edition figures myself, in part because they seemed very similar to the Sash and Saber figures, which I already have quite a lot of (and like), being that they have the same sculptor. Of course, Sash and Saber never did the British or Prussian line, so I forgot about that aspect! I'll be interested to see some more of these as you paint them!

    1. Thanks Pete. Old Glory 2nd edition figures are great in terms of prices, using my OG Army 40% discount each figure cost 65 cents cheaper than 18mm AB (70 cents) Napoleonic's! :o)

      The OG 2nd Edition figs are a little taller, about 2mm :o) over the Sash and Saber figs.

      Chris Hughes is the guy who sculpt all of Old Glory 2nd edition figures, and sculpt and owner of 25mm Sash and Saber castings. I agree with you, it seems Chris will not produce/sculpt any more 25mm Sash and Saber Napoleonic's, too many "other" 25mm-28mm Napoleonic's companies on the market to compete with and not worth the effect to make casting molds etc......

      currently working on British foot figures as well as my Impetvs 15mm Parthians, keeping myself busy during March.

      changing the subject,...umm...I don't understand why this post was published on Friday, January 15, 2016?


    2. Was it published then,. and just showing up on our blog rolls now? That has certainly happened before. Or was it published today with an incorrect date?

    3. I think you have solved my problem Pete, this post was intended for Friday 18th March. I must have clicked,by mistake, the schedule panel during my "speed" :o) clicking the labels settings for this post!


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