Tuesday, October 22, 2013

IV/34 Trapezuntine Byzantines

The Army consists of the following 12 elements/stands (42 figures) Miniatures by Essex

1 x Gen (3Cv) 1 x (3Cv) 2 x (2Lh) 1 x (4Sp) 2 x (3Bw) 2 x (3Ax) 3 x (2Ps)

Historical Enemies: Alan's, Georgians, Seljuq Turk, Anatolian Turks, Timurid and Ottomans.

Historical Notes: After the capture of Constantinople in 1204 by the Venetian State backed by Frankish Crusaders the two created the Latin Empire, the "Byzantine Empire" in an effect collapsed and three Kingdoms (Successor States) were created Nicaea, Epirus and Trebizond. The Trebizond Empire was founded by it's first Emperor Alexius I Komnenos 1204-1222, a day before the Crusaders captured Constantinople.

The Trebizond had difficult times during the next two and half centuries, between 1204 - 1461 AD with its small army the Trebizond dependent on hiring Mercenaries and forming Alliances/Royal marriages for exchange of military Aid in order to survive the wars/campaigns she was involved against continuous invaders, finally the Trapezuntine Byzantines were overwhelmed and wiped out by the Ottomans in 1461.

The Army Arrayed


General (3Cv)

Line Cavalry (3Cv)

Light Cavalry (2Lh)

Heavy Infantry (4Sp)

Foot Archers (3Bw)

Light Infantry (3Ax)

Skirmishers (2Ps)


  1. Wonderful work! I love all the color and variety here, including the scratch painted shields and banners! I've never played DBA and I'd be curious how these fellows run in that system.

    BTW, it looks like great minds paint alike! ;-)

  2. The DBA rules engine/system works well..it is a fast set of rules. battles are usually won or lost :o) within one hour or two...Armies fight on a 2 foot (24 inches) square playing area. Max army size 12 elements(units)... terrain pieces placement on the playing area by players is very important to help one's own army for any chance of a victory, look at my poor Trebizond :o) they (or me) wouldn't have a hope fighting against the Georgians and the Anatolian Turkomans.

    The Georgians and Turkomans have more cavalry, i.e. Light Horse and Knights, than the Trebizond force and can outflank my force easy and quickly, so I need to put down rough/bad going terrain pieces to protect the flanks or even to their front of the Trebizond army... as you can see at the photos the Trebizond have 1 General 1 Cavalry stand and 2 light horse stands very tiny force...but I guess their job is to find and destroy my opponent's General, once he is eliminated my opponents army auto-routs! :o)

    anyway.. I do recommend you try DBA....try a Solo testing game, using cardboard cut outs etc....Do you have a copy of DBA 2.2? ... soon DBA 3.0 will be available :o)

    ........oh by the way I finish off painting my Georgians, preparing/cleaning the Turkomans..


    1. Excellent explanation! I'm going to see if I can find someone locally who plays.

      You're on a roll here with your painting! I think it's brilliant to paint up 3 forces and then set them against each other.


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