Sunday, August 31, 2014

28mm Renaissance Project 7

Hi Guys, well the month of August slipped away so quickly and spending about 7/8 days working painting the kitchen and dinner room walls I couldn't or didn't have time to finish off my Renaissance Project. I manage to paint the following during August.  

2 packs of Old Glory Landsknechts (30 figures per bag) 
1 pack of Old Glory Doppelsoldner 2-Handed Swords (30 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Landshnechts Artillery crews (20 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Heavy Guns (2 models)

Total: 110 figures + 2 gun models painted

Half way painting/finishing off
2 packs of Pro Gloria Miniatures Landsknechts (24 figures per pack)

On hold
2 packs of Glory Light and Medium Guns (4 models)
1 pack of Old Glory Swiss Pikemen (30 figures) 
1 pack of Old Glory Italian Artillery Crews (20 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Italian/Swiss Arqubuissiers (30 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Italian/Swiss Crossbowmen (30 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Landsknechts Arqubuissiers (30 figures)
1 pack of Old Glory Landsknechts Crossbowmen (30 figures)

(whispering to myself, umm hmm... should I mention I painted 2 DBA armies during August as well, thus making me a hypocrite for not full filling my goal to finish my Renaissance Project? using up time to paint 15's as well as 28's.... :oP

Sunday, August 31, 2014


  1. Great start, with the "shot" on hand for round 2... then it is on to the Cavalry!

    1. Thanks Peter,
      yeah I agree the Cavalry will be added on to project at a later stage during this year or perhaps sooner? :o)



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